Saturday, December 27, 2014

Halloween Fence Centerpiece

A digital recreation of a vintage Jack O'Lantern and Black Cat on fence party decoration originally produced by Dennison.
digital mock-up created from photo of fence/pumpkin pieces

Cat Fence Silhouette

Here's a vintage decoration set that gets generally pooh-poohed by some time-wearied collectors, however those with less discriminating eyes will have an instant fondness for the design and the roughly executed graphics seen on boxes or the instructions (shown below). The label depicts a picket fence posted with a weathered sign in turn illustrating the kit's arrangement featuring one large pumpkin peeking out from black-rimmed eyes. These were Dennison centerpiece kits that included a box of orange crepe-grass, classic cat/fence silhouettes of at least 2 different lengths, pumpkins to prop between fence slats, and a large air-fillable paper pumpkin. (The expanding pumpkin was somewhat like these paper balloons from Japan).

Black and yellow graphic design featuring picket fence, black cats, pumpkin Jack O'Lanterns on old sign.
actual product label

Although I attempted to find something more about the long history of the Dennison company, these recent articles of the company's unfortunate demise may be of interest...

Jan. 20, 2013 - Framingham unearths decades of Dennison memories

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