Sunday, May 24, 2015

Halloween Mood Lighting

Owl with lantern in front of full moon on a triangle shade product as reproduced in a vendor supply catalog

Offering some night photos of this spooky triangle shade that appeared in vendor supply catalogs of the 1930's. The shade collapses flat, folding on a deliberate line through the middle of the owl. (It's a peculiar design decision that over time has usually reduced the quality of that particular pane). Original method for maintaining the expanded shape of the lantern is currently unknown by this blogger - (and information is welcome). 

Classic orange and black silhouette of dancing cursing witch paper decoration with retro-style bulb fixtures in background

Night time mood photo of orange and black silhouette owl character in front of the full moon on paper ephemera

Classic holiday collectible lantern from the 1930s 1940s on shade lit by candlelight with retro-bulb fixtures in the background

Note that the item (shown below in excerpt from an original 1937 catalog) is advertised as a die cut which is the industrial "cookie-cutter" process that made so many vintage holiday items, (and not just 2-D flat decor). See earlier blog entry from December 2014: Halloween Diecut Quiz.

Heavy black cardboard die cut, cutouts of cats, witches, and owls. Transparent paper lined. Sold per dozen and gross.

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