Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sane Halloween Observers

Graphic is based on a vintage 1930s public service poster "A Sane Halloween"

This first entry begins with a disclaimer - I do not self-proclaim myself an expert in the field of vintage holiday collectibles - I am instead a hardscrabble artist inspired by these objects, and have been watching the (mostly Halloween) market for many years numbering now not much less than a decade -- yikes! And while there are blogs (too few in my opinion) existing on this subject, I'm starting another to fill what I perceived to be a void for something objective and random (that focuses little to no time on the vagaries of market pricing).

In thinking about the value of doing this blog, I hope to maintain the following ground rules in consideration of future content:
  1. No direct reference and/or links that locates a specific item for sell.
    In instances where bloggers do this, there arise consequences whereby the blogger becomes a 3rd party before and after..., as well as skewing the market. Blog entries should avoid the promotion (self or otherwise) of any item or collection of items. 
  2. No direct reference and/or links that locates specific buyers and/or sellers.
    While this may establishes trustworthy vs questionable sources, the downside of this advantages or disadvantages a person and/or erroneous item assessment based on potential bias (for or against the seller), and again skews the market.
  3. No top ten playlists. No shrines.
    Remember every collector has a personal bias unrelated to facts. (I have bias too). In the spirit of Halloween this blog will endeavor to give voice to the humble (object or person), and reduce favorites or "the popular playlist" factor. 
  4. Observation over expectation. Have fun with the content.
    The title "The Sane Halloween Observer" (is based on an old 1930's poster "A Sane Halloween"). Halloween is a holiday for everyone; the blog should be a voice for practical collecting over speculative spending insanity.
  5. Question everything, and play devil's advocate. 
    I don't proclaim to be an expert. And while I respect the knowledge of those who have been doing this longer, I believe it good policy to question information. Vintage collecting finds everyone of us, expert or not, discovering clues from the past. 
  6. Disagreement supported by the past is highly encouraged.
    I endeavor to build content from tangibles (in print or otherwise) directly from the eras in question. I openly welcome your disagreement of these assessments in return for a well-supported argument of the same, (more than "hearsay and say-so"). 
I hope you enjoy the blog and feel comfortable offering your own comments and observations about all the wonderfully spooky and magical designs that have made up the rich history of Halloween.

Note - items featured in this blog are not necessarily the collection of the author, nor should the title of this blog reflect the author's true (perhaps questionable) hold on reality.  

1932 vintage Halloween public service announcement poster featuring jack o'lantern with leaves and green grass

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