Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ain't Grub Grand!

 vintage halloween placecard by Rust Craft

Shown below is a complete set of 12 table-setting placecards for a Halloween party by Rust Craft of Boston (who later merged with Norcross Greeting Card Company). The art exhibits the strange and surreal storybook imagery that makes their work so identifiable (particularly images like the ghost riding the black cat). These cards would come packaged in a small marked black box.

Cultural note - "Lay on, Macduff" refers to a line from Macbeth.  

Ghosts, veggie people, Jack O'Lantern pumpkin heads, black cats, witches, and other strange illustrations for Halloween


  1. Am glad I found this post! I have two of the small place cards (used) and have wondered who printed them! They are great designs. I have later Rust Craft items, as well. Some of the other big companies are not so sought-after (for various reasons, I believe) and tend to be ignored. Very early Reed and Perkins items can be very interesting, too!

    1. How awesome to have some of these! I think Rust Craft artists were absolutely brilliant. It's unfortunate that larger companies get so much attention. Perhaps that has less to do with their art being so deserving, and more so with better documentation of a larger selection. You have piqued my interest about Perkins who I'm not so familiar. If you know of any galleries or articles about them - I would certainly welcome a shared link.

    2. I'm not so advanced to be able to provide links, ha!, I only mentioned the old Reed and Perkins because I have some of their older crepe items-ancient glassine sleeves. When I saw you're post on Rust Craft (I know they produced into the 70's) it made me wonder what other EARLY items were produced by them as well as the other somewhat ignored manufacturers. I've always wondered about the Halloween lines of products from other 'paper' manufactures. Very nice blog! Thank you!