Monday, January 5, 2015

Seven Spooks in Narrenfibel 1968 / 1970

Vintage 1968, 1970 spooks from German catalog - witch, ghost, monster, demon, Jack O'Lantern pumpkin head

Here's something puzzling for a research enthusiast...

This entry is written with no definitive assumptions of what the mysterious images shown here might mean in regards to production dates, but it will perhaps be of interest to vintage Halloween collectors? And perhaps someone out there can provide clear details on the history and dates of this apparently long-running decor and costume magazine?  For better detail - the images below link to the full image gallery by flickr contributor EYE-talian where you can see these in much larger sizes.

Carnival cover of vintage German decor and costume catalog 1968-1970

Seven Halloween characters appearing in 1968-1970 German catalog

Vintage collectors will of course recognize the bottom-most row of characters on page 39 titled "The Ghosts in Haunted Castle." Anyone care to guess their story? The corresponding description reads something like this...  "#16 Block Mountain freize, 40 cm wide, 2m long, vibrant green wall strip of crepe paper with 7 different spooks together of embossed cardboard ... Frieze 11.50" 

Additional link of interest: Hexen am Blocksberg (Witches on the Block Mountain)

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