Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dead Skeletons

Three skeleton ghoul masks and costumes from a 1974 German Karneval catalog.

More familiar faces (or Totenskelett a.k.a. dead skeletons) from German-language catalogs for the celebration of Karneval. This time from 1974 --- the last image (a nautical pirate theme) contains a skeleton figure (articulated, embossed, diecut) that was here available in 2 sizes - 70 cm (~27 1/2") and 125 cm (~ 50"). 

Cover image of vintage German catalog from 1974
Selection of devils, monsters, skeletons, ghosts, and witches from vintage German catalog from 1974
Pirate theme party supply including large embossed diecut skeleton as seen in vintage German catalog from 1974

Update 12-13-2015 Per some additional queries to those selling these old catalogs, as well as further research by another into more recent editions... it appears years 71/72, 74, and 76 have nearly 90% (?) of the same content, though I have not personally observed this with actual copies. I've been told the skeleton seen above didn't always have the same sizes available from year to year. 

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