Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ornamenten Groteske

German embossed diecuts (skeleton) and lantern from the 1960s available in Germany (Narrenfibel catalog)

Spooked by German diecut availability through the 1970's, (pushing experts' guide dates beyond the 1920s-1940s)? As mentioned in the blog introduction - (see addition of point #6) - content is offered here from historical print (re: vintage discoveries), so I welcome counterpoint (likewise from historical print, that is) that does indeed seclude German diecuts to a time before the mid-century. In fact, I would be most grateful if anyone would provide an actual account of German diecut manufacturers which, to my knowledge, does not exist?

This leads us to yet another expansion for the availability of certain German diecuts (previously glimpsed in the entry Halloween in Germany: 1955).  In a similar pirate theme, we now have this Narrenfibel 1960 catalog (shown here scanned from the vintage item) that offered its German audience the chance to buy these embossed cardboard items - a Hellcat, Skeleton, and Port Lantern... (see the English translation below the close-up of page 51).

Cover art, illustration featuring romantic clown kissing a mask hanging from chair.

Vintage Halloween collectibles - moveable skeleton, a black cat, and large lantern all of embossed cardboard available for 1960 German Karneval Fasching, Faschnacht

Vintage Halloween collectibles - lantern, black cat, and moveable skeleton.

17. Hafenlanterne, imit. (imitation) Schmiedeeisin 40 cm gross mit grotesken Eulen, Hexen, Kater Ornamenten auf orangefarbenem transparentpapier

17. Imitation-ironwork port lantern 15 3/4" tall with grotesque owls , witch , cat ornamentation on an orange transparent paper. Item 4.50

22. Totenskelett, aus Pappe, gepragt und naturgetreu bemalt, mit beweglichen Gliedern 120 cm gross.

22. Dead skeleton , made ​​of cardboard , embossed and painted lifelike , with movable limbs. 47 1/4" tall . Item 7.50.

24. Hoellenkater 40 cm gross aus Pappe mit groenleuchtenden Augen. paarweise recht, oder linksschauend lieferbar. stuck 2.50  

24. Hellcat 15 3/4” tall made of cardboard with big bright eyes . paired right or left facing . Item 2.50

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  1. Hey, great blog! I'm a big Halloween fan and want to look more into the vintage stuff. I will be digging around here for a while. :)