Sunday, August 23, 2015

1955 Halloween Sweet Tooth

Scene of witch in a dark night sky flying over trick or treaters (devil and clown) in a pumpkin patch with yellow corn shocks.

A 1955 sales vendor catalog by Brach's with awesome mid-century graphic design, illustration, and layout techniques. Don't forget (spoken in your best informational 50s voiceover) that "HALLOWEEN is one of the year's THREE BIGGEST CANDY OCCASIONS"... "It has a long selling season from Labor Day to October 31"... and... "Because Halloween candies are exciting, colorful candies, they offer exceptional opportunities for colorful EXCITING CANDY DISPLAYS." And after looking at this awesome catalog, I certainly believe every word of it! Oh for a Halloween time machine! (Click image below to view a larger version - or view on Pinterest). 

Pages feature vintage Halloween candy products and display ideas.
(Click image to view larger).

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