Sunday, December 13, 2015

Candy Cottage

Witch peers out the window of her cottage on Halloween night in this kitschy illustration.

Yet another awesome mid-century merchandise package for what must have been the popular "haunted house carry-case" genre..., this time from Brach's Fine Candies circa 1955. You can see the handi-pak described in the 1955 Halloween Candies brochure:

No. 5101 - Trick or Treat Handi-Pak
Haunted house design on satchel-shaped pak contains minimum of 70 assorted cello packets of Candy Corn, Halloween Jelly Beans, Orange and Black Imperials, and Assorted Creme Cones. Empty satchel serves as a container for Trick or Treat loot.
Net weight per pack 22 1/2 ounces.
16 Handi-Paks to case. 

Trick of treat candy box design for 70 paks of candy in haunted house carry-case design. Owl watches from the roof.

Spooky cottage carry-case design for trick or treat candy with illustration of kitschy ghost, country girl, and Native America with Jack O'Lantern

Child in devil costume out trick or treating with a happy dog at the window of haunted house candy box.

Trick or treat carry-cases design from the 50's feature campy art of old green house with witch, bat, and Jack O'Lantern.

For more haunted house candy-boxes see Witch's Chest and Candy Loot.   

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